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Turns Out It's OK to Spend All Day Perusing Craigslist

Danny Forster, right, host of Build It Bigger, in SoCal water tunnel [Discovery Channel]

Attention 29-year-old architects-slash-comedians procrastinating on your graduate theses. Maybe you ought to be responding to ads from cable TV networks:

[Danny] Forster, an architect and erstwhile stand-up comic with no TV experience, sent a three-minute audition tape that led to his hiring last year on Discovery Channel's Extreme Engineering, a series that became this season's Build It Bigger... "I have the coolest job in the world," says Forster, 29. "I get to go to some of the coolest, baddest, most unbelievable projects. They're sexy. They're amazing. And I love how things work."

Upcoming episodes will feature water-tunnel construction in Los Angeles, Chicago's Trump International Hotel and Tower, a plant building modular homes for people displaced by Hurricane Katrina, and Washington, D.C.'s new major-league baseball stadium.

The "Fault Zone Tunnel" episode, where "Danny heads underground with the team attempting to dig two huge tunnels that will supply freshwater to Southern California... along the San Andreas Fault," debuts August 21.
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