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The Catch: Want an Incredibly Indecisive Roommate?

The Catch features everything-looks-good-except listings. Submissions to the tipline here.

What/Where: One bedroom available in Hollywood, close to Sunset and La Brea for $1500. Maybe.
Looks Good, Right?: "The pluses: great neighborhood (near Sunset and La Brea, 5 blocks south of Mann's Chinese Theater), safe, quiet, bars on windows for security, DirecTV tricked out in multiple rooms, and offstreet parking."
The Catch: Despite the poster's insistence that he's "NORMAL" (his emphasis, not ours), there are indications to the contrary. First, he can't decide if he wants a roommate or a pet. He might be posting in the wrong section of Craigslist: "Single guy, 35, MIGHT BE looking for a roommate. I say "might" since I haven't had one since grad school and not completely sure I want one again. Have a big house that I don't use all of and it seems like a waste of space (and that's even with running a business out of it...there are still 2 bedrooms that I technically don't use (although one has gym equipment that I will be trying to sell)). Also looking at POTENTIALLY getting a dog and/or a cat." Dude, which is it? A roommate or a dog? But his neurosis doesn't stop there: "The minuses: not to scare anyone off, but I want to be dead-honest: I am not remotely neat...stuff gets left all over the house. I'm "messy" but not "dirty": I hate bugs, so any food boxes or leavings or whatever get cleaned up and discarded immediately, but other stuff (papers, magazines, bills, etc.) are in a state of constant mess all over the place. Two other quirks: I have a treadmill and sometimes run at crazy hours (even 1-2 in the morning) to try to stay in shape, especially after a long/full day; I also am anal-retentive about my space/ long as we respect each other's mutual boundaries (i.e. borrowing anything without asking first), we'll get along great. Not into having a ton of visitors/strangers at the crib also for that reason, so if you're a partier/big time entertainer with a bunch of different people going in and out of the house, that's going to be an issue fast." He seems to combine the worst of both Oscar AND Felix. But if you're willing to live with an anal-retentive non-neat freak who might pet you and lead you around on a leash, this could be the place for you.
· Listing:$1500 Roommate Wanted in Hollywood....MMMMMAYBE... [Craigslist]