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Dirty Double Dealings In The Land Of BH Real Estate

The always-reliable Real Estalker hints that the insular world of Beverly Hills real estate is about to get its very own scandale, promising to be bigger than the Anthony Pellicano Wiretapping Trial of the Century (yeah, we can barely remember that one either). According to Your Mama:

According to Jimmy Jabbermouth, an LA based real estate executive who requested anonymity, a prominent Bev Hills mortgage broker was recently arrested, and the Feds, bless their law lovin' hearts, are hoping to engineer a plea bargain with the gentleman whereby he will lead the Fed's Horse to the rich waters of double dealing real estate agents throughout the Platinum triangle of Beverly Hills, Bel Air and the Holmby Hills.Ooh, that sounds scandelicious. Your Mama ominously warns us of the "blood bath" to come. We're just hoping this turns out to be more exciting than a wiretap on Sylvester Stallone.
· Your Mama Hears...[Real Estalker]