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Curbed LA Pricespotter: The Big Reveal

Co-editor Josh is still off brushing up on his Portugese, so we reveal this week's Pricespotter sans helpful excel charts. We do, however, need to give a shout out to commenter Art this week. Not for guessing correctly, mind you. Just for recognizing the title of the post comes from a Mack 10 song. Well done, Art.

Asking Price: $550,000
Listing: The house is located at 3509 W 74th Pl, Inglewood, CA 90305 and has been on the market for about a week. According to the listing, its a "Beautiful 2 bedroom spanish style home on a peaceful tree lined street. Living room with marble fire place, formal dining room and breakfast room. Hardwood floors throughout! Nice kitchen and laundry room. Fenced rear yard with vegetable garden, and detached 2 car garage. Priced to sell!"

Commenter amstellight provided the first correct guess - and first comment. Commenter Myrtle low balled her guess at $450,000 and a few of you went as high as $799. But most of you stayed pretty close to the asking price and commenter John helpfully provided the sale history of the home. Helpful if you want to cheat. And once again, thanks to all the commenters who have accused us of racism in a fairly straightforward Pricespotter post. If a week goes by where we're not accused of racism, anti-semitism, homophobia or general stupidity we feel as if we are failing you. Thanks for playing and Josh should be back at this in no time.
· 3509 W 74TH PL, Inglewood, CA 90305 [The MLS]