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Putting a New Spin on Venice Architecture

[Panel House by David Hertz]

Sometimes those headlines just write themselves. We are once again breaking (braking? HA! Ok, the puns stop now) with our no-events editorial policy because this one sounds pretty cool: Architect David Hertz is leading an architecture tour of Venice this Sunday, Aug 19th. Even better, the cost is FREE. Even better, it features the work of Coop Himmelb(l)au, Morphosis, Mikael Saee, Antoine Predock, Pugh + Scarpa, and Callas Shortridge as well as work by Hertz himself (although its unclear if the tour has access to the interiors of these homes). But here's the coolest part: it's a bike tour. Sponsored by Quicksilver to promote its QuikSilverEdition Mission project and by the Venice Paper (we'll assume there won't be a stop at Pinkberry) participants can sign up for the ride at QuikSilverEdition Mission. No word on how hard David will ride you.