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Rumblings & Bumblings: Progress...Moves....Slowly....

Co-editor Josh (pictured above) is still deep in the South American rainforest, searching for a solution to deforestation. So we bring you once again the Answers You Seek (albeit a day late). Got a few more questions? Let us know.

First an update to last week's R&B - an answer to the question "who is the developer for the Pearl Lane project in Northridge?" An anonymous commenter tells us: "Pearl Lane's master developer is New Urban West Inc. Portions of the site are being marketed. At least one of the architects is Johnson/Fain." Glad we got that out of the way. Onto this week's!

1) Hollywood: You want to know what's up with the Sunset + Vine project. Like what the hell is going on under its transformer sheath and what is taking so long? No answer on why progress is slower than a snail with sore feet, but one reader tells us "It looks like they are finally putting some type of framing for the building's skin on the South side of the building and it looks like they have begun to plaster all the interior walls around the HVAC, service and elevator areas. It's still a travesty that it's taking this long for one building to be rehabilitated."

2) Venice: A reader with a craving for carbs asked about a dirt lot on Rose "I realized that there used to be an abandoned bread factory at this location. Any news on plans for this area?" Commenter Nixols tells us "Pioneer Bakery site redevelopment - 512 Rose Ave a 102,562 sq ft mixed use project includes 75 condo units, 5,179 sq ft commercial proposed including a cafe-3 story (40 ft high) approved by Planning Commission"

3) Mid-city: And more impatient readers want to know: "I read a report on curbed that the Lowe's in Midcity, on venice/sanvicente/pico was going to break ground July 1? What is taking them so long to start something??" Well, we don't seem to have an answer as to why CIM seems to be dragging its feet on projects - we suppose these things take time, people. And a little patience. But that did bring up the question - where did Target go? According to Pete McFerrin, Target backed out due to a dispute over the ground lease.

4) Ontario: Our one and only nod to San Bernadino. A reader asked "What is going on in Ontario at 4th and Haven? It looks like its going to be a massive mixed-use community with an arena, hotels, retail, offices and, of course, condos. It's showing promise. I think it's called Torino. Any insight on this one?" Commenter Matthew tells us "The development is called Piemonte Ontario, by Panattoni Development. In all the dense, mixed-used, pseudo-urban center should include a couple hundred thousand square feet lifestyle and bigbox type retail, around 400,000 sqf office space, 600-800 urban-style residential units, and the 10,000-seat Citizen's Business Bank Arena.Go Ontario, with your fancy-schmancy mixed uses..." But wait - the reader asked about Torino - which is a different development. Commenter Andrew fills us in on that one: "It looks like Toll Brothers is building the condos at Torino at Piemonte. They are a luxury builder who builds all over and in NYC. The sales lady said they are selling well. The floor plans are really cool. I'm thinking about buying one. What do you think?"

5) Woodland Hills: You asked "Woodland Hills rocks when it comes to markets. But when is Vons going to close down? The inside is almost bare...and who is moving in?" Turns out God isn't the only one who has forsaken the Valley this week. We haven't heard a peep about this one either. We have failed. We would feel bad about it, except we also learned a Trader Joe's was moving in to our neighborhood within walking distance. We're still elated over that bit of supermarket news.

Got some more questions? Josh will be bathing in a vat of pond's cold cream to get off all the glitter and will be back at his desk to ponder your development questions. So fire away.