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Pricechopper: Desert Hot Springs Motel - AGAIN

How low can it go? The Lautner-design Desert Hot Springs Motel has been pricechopped once again. Let's review: Owner Steve Lowe died unexpectedly in January of this year, leaving the fate of the motel up in the air. By March, the hotel was for sale. Original asking price: $745,000. By May asking price was $650,000. By June, the motel had found a buyer, lost a buyer and went back on the market at the same asking price. And now it's been pricechopped once again. Asking price is now $595,000. Surely there's a Lautner lover out there with a spare dime or two looking to pick up a pedigreed piece. Maybe the Cox-Arquettes will use their newly ill-gotten Lautner gains of $33.5 million to take pity on this poor building.

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