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Ask Curbed: Explain the Market

Quite honestly, we feel like this guy probably should have emailed a smarter blog. Maybe Ben Bernanke is a Curbed reader? Fingers crossed!

Dear Curbed, Two things to know up front: I’m a renter who never bought. I don’t really understand the stock market.

OK, so when the real estate market started booming, and all my friends’ homes started skyrocketing in value, my stock portfolio (a modest little sum) started slowly tanking.

Why, why, why did this happen? OK, so I made the assumption that when the real market started tanking, perhaps my stocks would go up again. Not happening. My portfolio continues to slide, slide, slide down. Can you people at Curbed explain why my stocks did badly when the real estate market did well and why is it still doing badly now that the real estate market isn't doing as well? THANKS.