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Possible Pinkberry Mural-By-The-Sea?

Having become the third-party broker between disgruntled Venice Paper and Pinkberry, Curbed has received a response from the yogurt company about the ban on cameras at the Abbott Kinney store (and all their stores):

The ban, just like the no-camera policy at Sephora and Starbucks, comes because "there are many potential imitators out there, not just locally but also internationally," writes a Pinkberry PR lady. "During PB's first year, our architect's office was broken into and his laptop computer was stolen for floor plans and photographs.

"Though we do recognize the artistic culture of Abbot Kinney, it is our way of protecting the uniqueness of our brand, the look and feel of the store, and the exterior and interior design of the space. It is our hope to perhaps work with local artists in the future for promotional events or even partner up to design a flagship store."

So we learn: Pinkberry architects are marked targets; possible gigs for Venice artists. Back to you, Venice Paper.
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