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You Asked, We Answered: Broker Boys & Babes Contest 2

On Monday we received a long email from a reader who suggested we use our blog power for good, instead of evil, to harness our readership to improve our neighborhoods by identifying blighted areas that need redevelopment. That's a great idea, we said. We've wanted to harness a few of our readers for months now. In lieu of the actual work required to improve our City, we instead decided to launch the Second Annual Broker Boys & Babes Contest, today.

Following the template of our our contest from last year, we're looking for you the readers to submit your broker hotties (male and female, or other) for judgement. We will be accepting your nominees between now and August 24th. Please email us at with the following:

· Name of Broker Hottie
· Link to their online Realtor profile with a picture (head shots accepted)
· Brief explanation of why you are nominating them

The nominee must be registered as a licensed real estate agent with the State of California and be a resident of Southern California.

During the last week of August, the top 5 male and female candidates will be narrowed down to the winners in a stuffed ballot extravaganza where you the reader get to vote.

Questions? Comments? Nominees? As always, email us at