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Flying Generators, Pie Explained

Rumblings & Bumbling--and a question about what's up with the building across from LACMA--gets speeded up this week, thanks to a quick explainer from a non-firewalled exec at Ratkovich Company:

" of your bloggers noted our helicopters flying large pieces of equipment (specifically brand new chillers, generators, etc.) over Park LaBrea in November of last year. That was only the beginning. We are now in the second phase of the project which consists of the rebirth of the building’s ground floor. Our intention is to bring the building to the boulevard and the boulevard to the building. Our new Johnson Fain-designed lobby will take the first step in completing that mission (and there will be much more to follow). To address the questions raised today: the east and west facing sides of the construction wrap show a fork cutting into a piece of lemon meringue pie; and, the statements on the Wilshire Boulevard facing side of the wrap say “Rethink Potential” and give the project’s web site address where more images of what is to come are available. That address is:
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