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Celeb Round-Up: Farm Edition

John Cleese has listed his 16-acre equestrian ranch in Montecito, CA for $28 million. Besides all the horses and horse trails, Cleese has kept "a good supply of friendly animals" including "llamas, alpacas, an emu and pheasants" reports the LA Times. In case he wants to BBQ? Big Time Listings digs up the listing here.
· A Python exits zoo [LA Times]

Sam Malone and Mary Steenburgen have put their Malibu five-bedroom home on the market for $18.5 million. Luxist digs up the listing here.
· Real Estalker [Real Estalker]

Also from RE: Kevin Federline is plopping down $7,000 a month to rent a home in Tarzana, CA. Poor K-Fed can't catch a break--Real Estalker isn't loving the "run of the mill San Fernando Valley McMansion that offends every architectural sensibility we have."

Nicky Hilton has purchased a 4,072 square foot, 3-bedroom, 4.5 bathroom home on Sunset Boulevard. The large kitchen has four ovens, notes Real Estalker, wondering what Ms. Hilton will do with all that heat. The asking price was a modest $2,995,000.