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CurbedWire: Megatron is a Gun

LOS ANGELES - Break out your finest wooden shoes, architecture/design firm RTKL has been sold to the Dutch. The Dutch engineering company ARCADIS has snapped up RTKL for an undisclosed dollar figure. You may recognize RTKL as the team behind LA Live, LA Central and the Market Lofts. For USC alums, Jay Clark of RTKL will be discussing their role in downtown development and there various projects this Thursday, July 13th at noon. If anyone goes, we expect detailed notes and pictures and confirmation of Whole Foods rumors to our inbox by 2pm at the latest. [Baltimore Sun/USC]

DOWNTOWN - First of all, everyone we have asked has refused to see Transformers with us. Just because we scoff at the thought of Megatron as a plane - he is, and always will be a gun - doesn't mean we will go apeshit during the movie. We hate revisionist Transformers. That being said, a reader types in: "Come on, Curbed. I know someone there saw TRANSFORMERS and laughed at the image of Megatron on top of the Eastern Columbia building. Why haven't you posted a still image on your site?" We did a quick virtual visualization of said scene above. [CurbedWire Inbox]

DOWNTOWN - Friday morning, we received a few more photos from our pigeon friend of the work being done at the Concerto site. "For the skeptics out there (and trust me I have been one myself), today offers more promising signs of life at Concerto. Digging has indeed resumed for what will likely be the location of a crane, as blogdowntown noted [Thursday]. Here are some more photos from this morning [here and here]." Thank you reader. [CurbedWire Inbox]