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EaterTastings: Forget FroYo. The IcePan Cometh.

Is it lunchtime yet? We're starving. We'll just snack on Eater until it's time to take a break. It's low calorie and yet so filling!

1) Los Angeles: Do you think you can cook? And look hot in chef whites? And have a thick enough skin to take Tom Colicchio's smirk and entreaties for more/less seasoning/flavor/heat? And Padma's stinging critiques (It's too mushy!)? Then try out for Top Chef 4 next month at Les Deux. Also, having only one testicle and overcoming cancer totally helps.

2) West Hollywood: You don't HAVE to have rock hard abs, fake boobs and bleach-blond extensions to work at IcePan, but it can't hurt either.

3) Los Angeles: Now that the LATimes has finally recognized the Froyo Wars, Eater declares we've reached the tipping point. The froyo fad has been declared OVER and the Deathwatch has begun.

4) Century City: Tick, Tick, Tick. Countdown to Craft inches ever closer to next week's opening date. This week - surreptitious pics from inside the kitchen, which is apparently bigger than the restaurant itself. Hey, Colicchio needs the space to fit his ego, no? We kid. We'll take TV-Tom over TV-Gordon any day.

5) Los Angeles: Holy shizz! Everything opens this month. Vanilla Bake Shop, Red Mango Westwood, Craft, Bar Nineteen12, Osteria Mozza, The Happy Ending Restaurant and Bar, Takami Restaurant & Elevate Lounge, and maybe...possibly...Bastide?