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Renter Asks: What Gets You Booted?

A FOC (Friend of Curbed) is quite upset and asks for help from our little community:

Dear Curbed,

I recently moved into an apartment complex run by a particularly scary landlord. I have been told that the landlord has kicked out at least six tenants. All the block is in awe of this guy because he will take tenants to court and get them evicted. “Do you know how hard it is to evict a tenant in Los Angeles?” warned my neighbor when I moved in. I hear the last tenant got taken to court and evicted for getting a fish--the renter broke the Pets clause. I pay my rent on time, don't have parties, and play my music at inaudible levels. My neighbor warned me to be on my best behavior but what I want to know: Is there some hidden loophole that'll get me tossed, what's a little-known infraction that'll get me booted?

Scared in Hollywood
PS. Can I get evicted for writing this letter to a blog?
[ED: Some details have been changed because the above person is paranoid.]
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