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Saga of Franklin/Cahuenga Gas Station Continues

Last week, we reported on the closure of the Shell gas station at the corner of Franklin and Cahuenga. Several of you responded. Yesterday, we drove by the station and saw the fences and boarded up mess of a once proud station. It has been all tagged up. Today, a Whitley Heights reader writes in demanding answers, that we already provided, but nevertheless we will reprint again... and possibly again and again. Via the reader:

"The Shell station mentioned in a previous blog at 6420 FRANKLIN AVENUE, LOS ANGELES, CA 90028-5006, 323-463-3336 is completely closed, including the convenience market. And, I'd like also like to know why and if anything will replace it, etc." Dearest reader, as we were told last week, a Shell station attendant told a customer, who then emailed us, that the property had been sold off to a hotel developer. In an unholy coincidence, the Shell station also played a pivotal roll in the Tom Cruise thrillapalooza Collateral.
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