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Ask Curbed: How Much Do I Get?

Last week, we received a question from a reader who's being kicked out of his longtime home to make way for a condo conversion. Good times. He simply wants to know if he qualifies for the jackpot amount of $17,080. Via the reader email:

I read on your site back in April 2007 regarding the new Relocation Fees the City Council increased. I have lived in a building for 14 years that is now going condo. I am 60 years old and found that I will receive the $9,040. But one line I read stated, "For tenants who earn less than 80% of the average income of the area will receive $17,080." How or where do I find what that number is? I live in Los Angeles, a block away from the West Hollywood line. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me. We feel your pain, sir. The LA Housing Department's Web site is a sad jumble of links that are hard to decipher. However, from what you describe of your situation you can only get $9,040 as you are classified as an "Eligible Tenant", not a "Qualified Tenant". You have to be a Qualified Tenant to get the big money. A Qualified Tenant is defined thusly: "Households which include a senior citizen or disabled person or minor dependent child are qualified tenants. All other household’s are eligible." If you were two years older or had a handicap, you would get the $17,080, but sadly (or luckily) you are neither.
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