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Orsinis Grow Like a Fungus Downtown

[Image courtesy of Angelenic]

By now, Orsini II should be available for rent (or close to it), just in time for the new batch of USC kids moving into the neighborhood and faux-Tuscan loving professionals looking to get laid by USC students. We may recoil in horror at the stylistic aberrations of the GH Palmer empire but it shows no signs of slowing down. Angelenic reports construction is getting underway for Orsini III, on the northeastern corner of Fig and Cesar Chavez downtown. That means there will be an Orsini on three of the four corners of that intersection. But don't expect the scourge of Faux-Tuscan to stop there. GH Palmer plans a second Piero, and a new building called Da Vinci. Because, you know, it's classy.
· how many orsinis does it take to make a neighborhood? [angelenic]