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Sunland-Tujunga Home Depot On the Spot

[picture via flickr user josephwaynebarrett]

This morning, the City Council has been in deep discus... zzzzz... uhh, discussion about the proposed Home Depot that is roiling the community of Sunland-Tujunga. The battle of Home Depot has been described as an issue of city wide importance. Indeed, we're all hyped up here at Curbed offices. The Council, as we're listening now, has just voted 12-0 to support Wendy Greuel's push for the proposed Home Depot to be considered a "project", which sends the proposal to the Planning and Land Use Management Committee, and triggers an environmental review of potential traffic and noise impacts. This action overrules the decision of the Area Planning Commission which supported the proposed conversion of a Kmart to a Home Depot.
· City Council to Make Decision Re: Sunland Home Depot [nbc4]