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Celeb Wrap-Up: Castle Edition

Curbed only crosses international waters for land baron Nicolas Cage, who has purchased a castle in Bath, England, according to a dubious-looking web site called the Los Angeles Herald. Not surprising at all: the castle--the third castle Mr. Cage now owns--is shaped like the ace of clubs, according to this suspicious report.
[Los Angeles Herald]

Did he get rehabilitated or what? Mel Gibson has sold his Malibu home for nearly $30 million. Not sure if he is leaving Malibu altogether, but he also recently sold his Greenwich, Connecticut home and bought a 400-plus-acre ranch in Costa Rica, for $25.8 million. Lotta sugar tits in Costa Rica. [LA Times]

Pity if Mel doesn't meet his new neighbors: Rick and Andrea Schroder have purchased a new place on Malibu beach for $5.85 million. Where will cowboy Ricky put his gun rack? wonders Real Estalker.[Real Estalker]