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(Pigeon) Pooping On Hollywood's Parade

It seems every couple of months, another colossal battle erupts between man and nature. We've seen evil organic grocery stores get stomped by horses. Chi-loving simians. Depressed, retired pachyderms. Film-hawking cattle. Southern California has no shortage of animal-rights loving citizens (and politicians). So it's no surprise that while Hollywood residents and business owners find pigeon poop a nuisance, they're looking for humane ways to deal with the problem. Residents of Argyle Avenue and Yucca Street have said to themselves "Come let us deal wisely with him, lest they multiply, and if it should happen that we are at war, then they will join our enemies, and fight against us and then leave this land." No one wants to see a man vs. pigeon holy war. The solution they've come up with - pigeon birth control. No prophylactics here (although we'd pay to see a pigeon with a condom). Instead, "a substance called OvoControl P will be placed in kibble in new rooftop feeders." Our only quibble with the kibble - will it also decrease birth rates in other bird species? Think of the parrots!
· Hollywood turns to birth control to clean up its (pigeons') act [LA Times]