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Reader Explains Culver City Listing

And we get a nice reader filling us in about the below listing from Culver City. Film buffs will appreciate the history. From the web site:

"Located off Jefferson Boulevard between Overland Ave and Duquesne Ave in Culver City, Raintree Condominiums is one of the finest developments on the Westside with 534 units in six buildings, built in 1972 on a lot previously used for movie studio sets. The complex was named after the Civil War romance movie "Raintree County" starting Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Cliff released in December 1957 and nominated for four academy awards because much of the movie was shot on these movie lots that now make up Raintree Condominiums. Many other movies were filmed on the lot and there is a commemoration plaque at the entrance to the 2000 Raintree Clubhouse."