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Fashion District: More Than Cheap Tube Socks

Best lede of the week: "It's still the place where you can get discount underwear, knock-off perfume and a pet turtle all on one corner, but these days, the Downtown Fashion District is about a lot more." We've yet to test the hypothesis of scoring a thong and a scented turtle on one downtown corner, but apparently those items are bringing in big bucks, nearly "$510 million in 2006, more than Rodeo Drive generates," notes the Downtown News. Other trends: rising commercial rents, a whole eastward movement--all toward San Pedro, Crocker and Stanford streets--and projects like the Stanford Regency Plaza at Stanford and Pico and the LA Fashion Center at 1444 San Pedro St. And more housing--2,600 rental and for-sale units expected to open by 2009, notes the paper.
· A Fashionable Expansion [Downtown News]