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CurbedWire: Holiday Shorts

Due to the shortened 4th of July holiday week, we are postponing the much beloved Rumblings & Bumblings until next week when most of you have returned from vacation. Please bare get naked with us and wave a sparkler. We will be off tomorrow.

GLENDALE - Reader Josh E. sends a note that the front page of the LA Times has linkage to a video from KTLA Ch. 5 of an interview with Rick Caruso showing off mini models of his projects including the Americana at Brand project, the Shops at Santa Anita, and his hotel project in Montecito. The Shops at Santa Anita is twice the size of The Grove and features a lake or something. We hate Rick Caruso's politics but we sure love his crazy projects. [CurbedWire Inbox/KTLA5]

LOS ANGELES - And from Josh K. of Eric Garcetti's office we get the press release stating that Council President Eric Garcetti and President Pro Tempore Wendy Greuel have been unanimously reelected to their respective positions by fellow Council persons. Councilwoman Jan Perry is redesignated Assistant President pro tempore and Bill Rosendahl captures the title of Hall Monitor. [CurbedWire Inbox]