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Hollywood Hills Bid Adieu to Paris Hilton

Those us who had our much-needed beauty rest interrupted a few weeks ago by helicopters swarming above Paris Hilton's home during the incarceration/house arrest/re-incarceration days (heady days, they were) need not worry much longer. The heirhead is looking for a little more privacy, perhaps a gated community or winding driveway, and has put her Kings Road house on the market for $4.25 million. Paris bought the house in 2004 for $2.9 million during the second season of The Simple Life. According to the Wall Street Journal

She redecorated the interior in black and white and transformed one bedroom into a walk-in closet and another into a security control room. She made over the family room with beaded walls and added a modern audio/visual system throughout the house as well as extra security features. Built in 1926, the property includes a pool, a Jacuzzi and a waterfall.The always-reliable Real Estalker is yet to find a listing for the house, but was able to dig up this architectural review of her digs: lots of crystal and mirrors (natch), lots of pink (again, natch) and larger-than-life photos of...Paris Hilton.
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