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Frogtown Goes Green for $400,000 per Block

Yesterday we mentioned that god-like city councilman Eric Garcetti found a way to clean street runoff in Elysian Valley before it dumps into the LA River. That is, if the runoff ever makes it to the river. In English, this time, from KPCC:

"The way the streets are typically built, the water, when it rains, comes off of these yards, off of the sidewalk, and runs this way into the street. And what we wanted to do instead was to slope the sidewalk the other way and direct all the flow back into these planted areas... where it can sink into the ground." Water that trickles down into the gutters finds its way into a park at the end of the street where thirsty trees and plants will drink it up. By the time the water does - if it ever does - flow back into the river, it'll be relatively clean water that meets water quality standards.

Garcetti wants to see dozens of streets like this in LA, though KPCC reports, "Projects like these aren't cheap. Making two-block Oros Street green cost $800,000."
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