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EaterTastings: Naked Sushi Seems Unhygienic - And Bad For Business Too

A wise man (ok, Michael Palin) once said: "All I ask of food is that it doesn't harm me." It's time to Taste. Our. Pain.

1) West Hollywood: What a surprise! Turns out customers aren't buying the concept of nudity AND sushi in the same place. We're shocked. Eater declares a DeathWatch on Hadaka Sushi.

2) Century City: It turns out that celebrity chef Tom Colicchio is just a giant teddy bear who loves LA. Don't you just want to pinch his cheeks?

3) Little Tokyo and Weho: There is no word in the entire Japanese language we love more than izakaya. Just rolls off the tongue, no? And there is no food we love more than izakaya, so the more the merrier. Small plates meant to go with beer? We're there. Pass the chawan mushi, please.

4) Los Angeles: LA Magazine gives us the print equivalent of steak at the Outback - it may be thick but it's also kind of bland. The mag apparently goes a little overboard with its "Best of" issue, offering up 11 pages just on food and nightlife alone. Eater rounds up the winners, the shockers and the shut outs.

5) Santa Monica and Beverlygrove: There's really only one thing we truly miss about New York and that's the pizza. Ok, the pizza and dive bars with free hot dogs. But we digress. Back to the pizza. Could our prayers be answered? Joe's of Bleecker Street is coming to SM and we could not be more excited. And opening on Beverly near the Grove, Toronto import Terroni should be opening next month. We don't really recall Canada being a hot spot for pizza. Comedians, strip clubs, and runaway production, sure - Canada kicks ass. But not so much with the pizza. We could be wrong.