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Flipping Out: More Queening Than Cleaning

Based on a preview of Flipping Out, the new Bravo series about Jeff Lewis, "one of Los Angeles' most colorful real estate speculators," this will be less Home Depot, more Homo Depot. (You know, just like Workout.) Not that there's anything wrong with that. We all love the "You're fired," "No, I quit," routine. Just that the show won't provide as much DIY porn as, say, the show's Web site:

You just purchased a small 1 bedroom Mid-century-modern house in Malibu for $900,000. Great location, but it needs some work to transform it into a luxury home for profit. You have $500,000 to spend, where do you start with the renovations? 1. Go all out with the expansion and adding new wings to the house—bigger is better. Think media room, computer room, etc. Cost= $350,000
2. Up and out! Tear down the interior walls of dark hallway to expand space, and cut through exterior walls for large picturesque windows. Cost= $175,000
3. Remove inside clutter, stowing away knickknacks, mementos and other personal items. Rent a temporary storage space rather than stuffing closets or garage with boxes, which will make them look smaller. Cost= $110/month

Our answer: 2. Save some cash for the house-clearing psychic. Flipping Out premieres July 31.
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