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CurbedWire: Target Feels Unloved and Lonely

[Image of Target escalators by LAist writer Callie Miller]

SILVER LAKE - We get an update on the new Kor Sunset Silver Lake from a reader: "some kor news... 30-day letters went out monday to buyers at the sunset silverlake kor development, they plan on starting to close escrows this week. last i heard they had 24 of the 43 units sold. haven't slashed prices at all and are a year late. expect to get the TCO from the city in the next couple weeks (they claim). would love to know if that is actually true and if prices will drop at all or incentives be offered..." [CurbedWire Inbox]

GLENDALE - That soft opening for the three story Target we mentioned yesterday? Really really soft. So soft hardly anyone has heard about it. LAist visited the store and found itself in an existential quandary. If no one is there to ride the shiny escalators, should we really care or just have another cocktail? We vote for the cocktail. [CurbedWire Inbox/LAist]

ELYSIAN VALLEY - Remember that wacky Absolut ad we mentioned a couple of days ago with the LA River as a watersport paradise? (Get your mind out of the gutter. We mean catamarans and shit). Maybe its not as far-fetched as we thought when we gazed upon its photoshopped beauty. Curbed LA Crush Eric Garcetti sent us over his latest release (or more precisely his Jeopardy-playing communications director, Josh Kamensky) to let us know LA's first "Green Street" has been completed. What does that mean? "The Oros Green Street Project was designed to capture stormwater runoff from private homes and a residential street and clean it through a series of soil filtration and vegetative bioretention treatments before it ever gets into the Los Angeles River, while simultaneously improving and beautifying a neighborhood with new infrastructure and greenscape." There are a lot of multisyllabic portmanteaus in that sentence but will give it a pass if it means we'll one day be able to use the LA River to ride a few hydrocarbon emitting jet skis down it. [CurbedWire Inbox]