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City of Trees and PhDs and Stadium Seats

Oh, Claremont, how we've misjudged you. First, we didn't even know where you were. (San Gabriel Valley Pomona Valley, it turns out, 30 miles east of downtown LA.) Then Money Magazine names you the fifth best place to live in America. Now your 35,900 residents get this:

Laemmle Theatres is thrilled to announce that on July 27th we will be opening our newest venue in Claremont, California, "the City of Trees and PhD's." The arthouse multiplex is the anchor of the Claremont Village Expansion just west of the seven Claremont colleges. In addition to Laemmle's Claremont 5, the location's central courtyard - the community's outdoor living room, the Public Plaza Town Square - will be ringed by a boutique hotel, upscale retail and assorted eateries.

The five auditoria range from 119 to 249 seats each, and admission tops out at $10, saving all those smartypants movie-goers the long haul to Pasadena.
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