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Venice Paper: Still Hating Pinkberry

Curbed is in awe of feisty Venice Paper, which is continuing its tirade against the Abbott-Kinney Pinkberry by listing alternative shops for locals to get their sweet fix of dessert. Also, the paper notes an interesting phenomenon: The new Pinkberry doesn’t allow photographs taken inside the store. Pour quoi, Miss Pink? Camera gonna steal your neon soul?

"It's nice to see the owners thought through their move and adapted to the local lifestyle," writes the paper. "Maybe they didn't know this is an art town where people tend to express themselves with images. Or a tourist street that global citizens flock to."

Seriously, if a posting calling for a flash mob of camera-wielding yogurt haters appears on Craigslist in the next 24 hours, we will not be surprised.
UPDATE: Our smarter than us sister noticed the no camera policy back in March.
· If you eat here, don’t shoot here?.[Venice Paper]