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Movie Shoot or Military Maneuvers?

Anyone remaking Apocalypse Now? A reader writes in: "I work in the Union Bank building on Figueroa with my office on its west-side...just about every day, sometimes in the morning, but mostly afternoon, a grey UH-2 ("Huey") helicopter goes screaming past my office windows on the 29th floor, over the 110 freeway. Sometimes it's accompanied (being chased by?) by a Cobra gunship.

I first thought that it was part of some film shoot, but it happens too much and it is too regular to be part of movie and I've yet to see a helicopter with one of those camera attachments in the area. I'd appreciate it if Curbed or any of its vigilant readers had a clue as to what is going on (I'm sure it has nothing to do with the voices in my head)."

We love that the Cobra gunship only appears "sometimes." Oh, those are special days.