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Soft Open: World's First Three-Floor Target Store

Our collective woody for tri-level Vermaports inside the new Target store at Glendale Galleria will get another dose of Viagra when Rick Caruso's Americana at Brand opens next year, just across the street. Maybe by then they'll figure out parking:

The Galleria did not add parking spaces with Target's opening because the store is the same size as [the former] Robinsons-May... The mall has two parking facilities with 6,800 total parking spaces... During most of the year, when the mall's employee base is closer to 3,000, mall workers park on the top floor of both parking structures, leaving first- and second-floor parking to shoppers... Another cold shower comes, of course, from the realization that eastside drivers will soon sneer about Brand and Colorado the way westsiders disdain Beverly and Fairfax.

Target's grand opening to the public is this Sunday, July 29.
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