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On the Market: Wizard of Odd House

This may be the craziest ass home we have ever featured on this here blog. The 3 bed, 6 bath single family home takes ticky-tacky-kitschy to a whole new level, creating what we can only describe as a family vacation monument in the making. Nestled in the flats of Sherman Oaks, on the north side of the 101, the home is described as "Wizard of Oz style." Do they teach that in architecture school now? But if you thought the outside was amazing, just wait. The home's second floor is said to feature a custom built replica of the Pantages Theater (w/ hourly performance of Wicked by neighborhood children we hope), plus an art gallery and a train room. After making your way through this beautiful disaster, you'll find yourself in the backyard to gaze upon the Little Mermaid theme pool, singing crabs not included. How it all ties in together, we're not sure? But we know it won't come cheap.
What/Where: Single Family Home, Sherman Oaks
Sq. Footage: 3,663 SF home on 7,770 SF lot
Retail Price: $1,799,000
· 13222 Addison Street, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 []