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Census to LA: You Lose 168,702 Residents

[Where Is Everybody? from Flickr]

Some west-coast circles mutedly celebrated the "not that dramatic" news last May when Los Angeles passed 4 million in population. At the time, California's Department of Finance estimated LA's total at 4,018,080.

Not so fast, says the east-coast-centric US Census Bureau. The yogurt shops and freeways aren't as clogged as you think. We have you at 3,849,378.

To give perspective to readers from the Inland Empire, that's a discrepancy roughly equal to the population of Rancho Cucamonga. Imagine a completely vacant Victoria Gardens. (Imagine the clearance sales at Macy's!)

So who cares what the US Census thinks? The mayor of Cincinnati. He's challenging a discrepancy of a mere 38,000 Cincinnatians so residents can use census data "to get some of the stores and other businesses they want."

It begs the question: How many Snowberrys and Tescos will LA lose till the Census gets it right?
· LA's Population is 4,018,080 [California Department of Finance]
· No, It's Really 3,849,378 [US Census]