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For The Architects Who Never Venture East Of the 405

We accidentally stumbled across this youtube trailer for a short film called "Westsider." For the irony-deficient amongst our readers, we're pretty sure this is tongue-in-cheek. From the film's web site:

"Westsider" is about an energetic and ambitious young man in his early-mid 20s who has just received his Masters in Architecture. After living and working on the "Westside" (that is to say, the better parts of Santa Monica, Malibu, West LA, Marina del Rey, etc.) for the past few years he has come to the realization that the only areas in life that he is willing to exist in are his imaginary boundary lines of "the westside." After telling the employers at his architectural firm that he will only work on jobs on the "westside" they immediately fire him, thus setting into motion the tragedy of the story: his descent into the pits of hell -- the Valley -- the only place he can now afford to live.