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You Call That Small? Tiny Is the New Black

[Efficient Living At The Rosslyn - Floorplan]

All of a sudden, this postage-stamped size house in Echo Park is looking positively spacious. It's got a good 100 sq feet more than what city officials are hoping developers will start building. City officials are proposing zoning changes for downtown that encourage developers to build units as small as 250 square feet, hoping to increase density and improve the supply of affordable units. The city is also hoping the new rules will encourage developers to continue building downtown, at precisely the moment it seems to be slowing. So now the question is - will tiny condos catch on here the way they have in denser cities such as New York or Paris, or are we just building new tenements? The proposal goes before the City Council next week. Regardless of how the proposal swings, we're declaring the trend toward tiny HOT. We can't wait to once again cook on a electric stove, fire up the foreman grill, and store all of our shoes under the bed. We've always been secretly jealous of our New York friends who have their bathtub in their kitchen.
· An L.A. big enough for tiny apartments [LA Times]