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West Adams on the Down Low

[Sort of relevant, but not really: Marvin Gaye's former home in West Adams via 1912 Bungalow]

The gays have conquered another neighborhood. Blogger Jasmyne Cannick has pronounced her neighborhood, West Adams, the official neighborhood of gay blacks in LA. Eschewing the overpriced and completely gentrified territory of West Hollywood, black gays have taken root amongst the old Victorians around USC and west, thereof. Via the blog:

I kid you not, most of the staff at my local Starbucks are Black lesbians. Very cool. Most of my friends live in or near West Adams, and they’re Black and gay. When I walk in the neighborhood I am always seeing gay stickers on cars. Then there’s the fact that the oldest Black gay nightclub is right here too, Jewel’s Catch One. Seems awfully gay to me. Add to that, everywhere I go in my neighborhood, I see family. Commenters to the blog seem to agree. Now for the difficult part, do we say WeAd (two syllables, pron. "we add") or WeAd (one syllable, pron. "weed").
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