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CurbedWire: Quick Bits Before the Hot, Hot Weekend

LA COUNTY - Hey, old man. Hands off our transit funds. The SGV Tribune reports that Gov.Schwarzenegger is proposing to use funds previously designated for transit projects in order to balance the stupid state budget. We say budget shmudget. The pillaging of transit dollars puts at risk projects including the Expo Line and the widening of the 5 freeway. [SGV Tribune]

PASADENA - Reader PatrickP emails us the above pic and wonders aloud, "It's on the corner of Cordova and Lake in Pasadena at the mixed use development known as the Pasadena Collection... the tenant space was where Hana Grill had been located until about a month ago. What I'm wondering is if Seoul Bros. is a shop of some sort. I Googled it, but got nothing." Hmmm... Korean influence, new store, Southern California. Must be yogurt. [CurbedWire Inbox]

PASADENA - More Pasadena storefronting. We love a good trend sighting, so we'll gamble on this one. "Was wondering if you know anything about a new place opening on Del Mar Blvd in Pasadena, just near the intersection of Fair Oaks, called Porta Via Foods. The signs in the window are crediting the place as a "salumeria" (deli in Italian). Do I smell a yummy new trend? I hope so!" And thank you for saying yummy. We laugh hysterically whenever someone uses it. [CurbedWire Inbox]