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EaterTastings: Where to Eat Besides The Downtown Ralphs

Today we are basking in the after-glow that was our meal at Osteria Mozza last night with our sister site. We blame the wine and burrata-induced hangover on our late posting.

1) Century City: Hey, even mayors and chefs need to eat. Not just junior agents from the Deathstar. Luckily, it seems like Craft serves them all.

2) Los Angeles: Confirming what we already know, Hung on Top Chef is indeed an asshole. Seriously, don't you want to smack that smirk off his face?

3) Los Angeles: Get ready for the next food trend to grip the clueless, fro-yo-eating neanderthals in LA: conveyor-belt sushi. We don't know why we're surprised. We already have naked sushi. May the good lord have mercy on their souls. And may the DOH keep a careful eye on sushi rotating in room temperature for hours.

4) Hollywood: This one was pretty inevitable. We'd only been once before a recent show at the Fonda, but the place was a ghost town. Hollywood and Vine (the restaurant, not the corner) has been shuttered. But that intersection is getting the Pinkberry of sushi - Katsuya - in a few months. So the tourists catching Wicked at the Pantages will have a place to grab their pre-theater dinner soon enough.

5) Hollywood: Eat your heart out. We've already made our way through half this menu in the past week. Yup, even the pig trotters.