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Celeb Round-Up: Elvira Goes East

Keep an eye out for Elvira shopping for Two Buck Chuck at Trader Joe's on Hyperion--Big Time Listings reports that Cassandra Peterson, an actress who managed to make a career out of playing a buxom witch, just dropped $1.698 million for a four-bedroom house in Silver Lake/Echo Park. And/or. Guessing Peterson has a little extra cash due to "The Search for the Next Elvira," a new reality show about picking America's next buxom witch. We wish we were joking, but no, that really is a forthcoming show.
· Elvira pays $1.698M for a 2,821-square-foot house in the Silver Lake/Echo Park area of Los Angeles [BTL]

Big Time Listings also breaks the news that Billy Bob Thornton dropped an undisclosed amount for a four-bedroom, 2,544-square-foot Malibu home that had been listed for $2.41 million. Thorton, who scares us, lives in a seven-bedroom, 11,012-square-foot Spanish-style mansion in Beverly Hills and bought this new Malibu place as an investment so don't go ring this Malibu doorbell looking for Mr. Billy.
· Actor Billy Bob Thornton... [BTL]

Kelsey and Camille Grammer have sold their 7-bedroom, Bel Air home to Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault, reports Real Estalker. We had no idea that Frasier and his wife were such flippers! "Kelse and Cammy have become well know by real estate gossips for their constant buying, selling, and moving," writes Real Estalker. "The chef barely has time to stock the pantry before these two are calling the movers and having their shit schlepped across town." The blog also directs readers to BTL's excellent Frasier-watch coverage.
· Salma Hayek and Her Baby Daddy Buy In Bel Air [Real Estalker]

Venice, shmenice, says Joey McIntyre, who has sold his Venice home for $2.9 million and purchased a home in Hancock Park for nearly $4.7 million, reports the LA Times.
· Joey McIntyre hoofs it over to Hancock Park [LA Times]