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EC: Upper Floor Residents Basting Like Turkeys

It's a cranky, hot scene at our favorite downtown development! The following email arrived over the weekend to Curbed HQ: "The 11th and 12th/penthouse levels of Eastern Columbia do not have air conditioning in the hallways," writes one resident in the building. "I was told by a friend in the building that today the hall temp was 122 degrees, and 98% humidity. KOR Group better fix it chop chop or have construction defect lawsuits, and building, safety, and health code violations to deal with." We hear owners on the upper floors are very upset, and particularly worried about health problems due to the heat. As of last night, no cool air had arrived. Chop chop, Eastern, gonna be warm today.
UPDATE: We hear Kor has reached out to residents and promised to remedy the situation.
· Eastern Columbia [Official Site]