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EaterTastings: Getting Animal-style on Your Ass

We spent Friday afternoon enjoying some Pimms and sunshine, so forgive us this late EaterTastings. Perhaps this will whet your Monday morning appetite.

1) West Hollywood: Copyright infringement lawsuits are all the rage these days in the restaurant world. We read with interest about warring lobster rolls in NY, but nothing beats the battle over Animal-style. In-n-out is suing Blowfish Sushi to Die for the use of 'animal-style' in describing a sushi roll. Yes, In-n-out fears you might confuse a spicy sushi roll with ground meat and a secret sauce.

2) Century City: The Pink Taco, um, opening, was about as classy as we'd expect from a restaurant named for lady parts. Little people in lucha libre masks? Sexy men in chaps on stilts? And asshles galore at a party for a pink taco. The irony does not escape us.

3) Century City: Craft's liquor license is activated. The premises look just about ready. An annouced date of July 12 for opening. Clear the deck - the Deathstar is about to descend.

4) Westchester: Own a little bit of the Encounter. The chairs from the LAX restaurant are for sale.

5) Hollywood: While Craft commits to an opening date and asks us to go steady, Osteria Mozza remains non-commital and just out of reach. Which makes us want it all the more. Possible opening mid-July? The post-plywood pics are looking good.

6) Pasadena: The entire town of Pasadena was placed on Deathwatch back in March. Eater checks in with the Hospice and finds La Huasteca has passed, Xiomara awaiting a transplant, La Maschera might be for sale, and Thaitalian and Vive still on Deathwatch for a couple of weeks more.