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At the Wilshire Grand: One Loo or Two? It's Up To You!

We tend not to need a concierge and room service within a TMZ of our bedrooms. But sometimes out-of-towners stay at hotels we've always wondered about and file insane reports with HotelChatter:

When we checked into the Wilshire Grand in Los Angeles last week at 2 a.m. after flying cross-country, we stumbled into the bathroom to brush our teeth, before toppling into bed. The next morning, we woke up to shower, and walked into the bathroom. Slowly, we realized we were standing in a different bathroom. We did a double take, and discovered that the standard-sized room has hotel has two, separate single bathrooms (see open doors on left and right side of the image). Neither bathroom is particularly nice... There's a slight ridge in the middle of the floor that made us think the rooms doubled in size during a past renovation. Hopefully Wilshire Grand's next renovation, $40 million worth of flat screens and structural changes timed to coincide with the opening of LA Live, will smooth over those ridges. No promise they'll renovate the level of service, however:

The hotel even accidentally checked us out and checked another guest into our room, so when we came back in the evening, we discovered our open suitcases still resting on the bed and a young woman frantically calling the front desk to fix the confusion. The worst part: The hotel offered no apology or financial compensation for its gaffe. That bed at home is looking pretty good right now, no?
· Wilshire Grand Has Us Seeing Double [HotelChatter]