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CurbedWire: Water and Helios

WEHO - In regards to item numero three from this previous CurbedWire post, where a reader fears condo converters descending upon West Hollywood, Ryan Gierarch of The WeHo News comments that indeed, West Hollywood did increase its tenant relocation fees. The increased fees seem to be on par with LA's newly enacted fees. Via The WeHo News: "The bill increases costs for moving, and includes utility costs as well as packing and moving costs. Based on the size of the apartment, the fees also take into account age, disabilities and income." [CurbedWire CommentBox/WeHo news]

LONG BEACH - That watery goodness coming from your taps in Long Beach is apparently one of the tastiest in the country. The Press-Telegram reports that the tap water in Long Beach (port flavored) has been recognized as one of the five best tasting tap waters in the country along with Anaheim (mouse flavored), Colorado Springs (gay-evangelical flavored), St. Louis (midwestern flavored) and Toledo, Ohio (Lake Erie flavored). St. Louis was the overall prize winner. [Press Telegram]

SOUTH ROBERTSON - Helios House is hiring. The one-of-a-kind environmentally sensitive giant aluminum spider at Robertson and Olympic is looking for non-conflicted individuals to offer guidance to patrons on how to be more environmentally friendly while they fill up their SUVs with gasoline. Via Craigslist: "We need smart, ethical, conscientious team members to educate consumers about taking small steps in the right direction to help reduce their impact on the environment." Hey, jack ass, how about taking the bus. That's what we would say. [CurbedWire Inbox/Craigslist]

[image of Helios House via flickr user stutefish]