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Curbed LA PriceSpotter Big Reveal

On Friday we asked you to guess on the asking price for this 2BR, 2BA archi-gorgeous Los Feliz-ish home. You answered and we plugged some numbers into Excel and out came a graph.

Asking Price: $1,325,000
Listing: This home in the Franklin Hills portion of Los Feliz is crazy beautiful. The home has been "reinterpreted" by architect Jonathan Breen -we assume that means he fancied it up. As always, we suspect some of you went snooping for the listing while most of you stayed honest.

Congratulations to joey jo jo shabadoo for his amazing guess which was only one dollar off. Three others managed to hit the mark dead on while the low ball was $699k and the supreme outlier was hovering just below $4 million. So based on the chart (and the nutty market), would you say this home is underpriced?
· 1714 Hollyvista Avenue, Los Angeles [Deasy/Penner]