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Thompson BH: Open! Sort of

A tipster passes on news about the Thompson Beverly Hills, slated to open this fall: "No one knows this, but even though the Thompson is not open yet, all the rooms are nearly finished and they are letting them go for really cheap if you just call the # on the Thompson web site....of course, the bar is still not open, and there is no restaurant yet....but for design freaks, the rooms are a steal at between $120 and $200 a night (I think)...."

Related: Today's LA Times chats up hotelier Jason Pomeranc about the place. Among other things, Thompson Beverly Hills' rooftop bar, ABH, will only be open to hotel guests and their friends -just like at NYC's 60 Thompson. Best quote from Pomeranc: "Beverly Hills is suffering under the tyranny of beige." Viva la revolution! More news about other LA hotels follows...
· An explosion of new hotel bars [LA Times]