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A Look at Koreatown

Given some of the racist, perverted, and puzzling comments in yesterday's Little Toyko thread (more offensive comments were deleted), we worry (or do we hope?) that LAist's post on Koreatown will dissolve into an incoherent but fascinating bickerfest about racial stereotypes.

Excerpt (and no idea if this if accurate):

"History: Koreans first began moving into the area in large numbers during the 1960s, after the formerly wealthy commercial area began losing its allure thanks to classic Los Angeles sprawl. The pace of migration picked up in the 70s as upper middle class Koreans fled an oppressive South Korean regime, and what was formerly Wilshire Center was renamed Koreatown. Throughout these years, there had always been a major Latino and (smaller) black component in the neighborhood, and tensions between the groups occasionally flared. The Los Angeles riots of 1992 saw the destruction of many Korean-owned businesses, and large segments of the community dispersed throughout greater Los Angeles during the 90s."
· Neighborhood Project: Koreatown []