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CurbedWire: Project Rundown

NORTHRIDGE - Tired of being ignored, Northridge finally steps up to the plate and builds something. Via our email: "Speaking of malls, there's a mixed-use development planned for across the street (west) from the Northridge Fashion Center. They just put up a sign on the lot advertising it, and the name will be "Pearl Lane". The website listed ( is not up and running yet, but promises to be shortly. Ooh, with a name like that, I can't wait!" The emailer also sends us a helpful overhead that shows the planned development in the area, including a 400 unit apartment complex on top of the current K-Mart site. [CurbedWire Inbox]

DOWNTOWN - All your downtown archi-porn in one convenient PDF file. A reader links us to the DCBID's 2nd Quarter - 2007 report on proposed and under construction projects in the Downtown area. Among the projects listed are Curbed favorites, the Olympic and City House (with one tower mistakenly titled "Zen"), both towers of the Concerto project (wishful thinking?) and Park Fifth. There are also several Barry Shy projects listed, for those of you who love his quality developments. [CurbedWire Inbox/DCBID]