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Coming Clean in Cheviot Hills

From our wealthy friends in Cheviot Hills comes news about a particularly interesting NIMBY problem: an area resident is trying to put a Promises-like rehab on Forrester Drive. While the proposed Cheviot Hills rehab clinic would be small and housed in a residence, neighbors are concerned that celebs will check into the clinic, leading to a swarm of trouble: paparazzi, publicists, reporters, concerned family members, autograph seekers, fake food delivery people, etc.

Anyhoo, in case any reporter or good 'ol stalker wants to settle down and bide his/her time while the rehab deal closes--or not--we scoured the MLS and found this pretty Cheviot Hills house for under $1 million. Nice gardens, gym, good floors, perfect for snoops.
· 10772 ASHBY AVE [MLS]